Sunday, 9 March 2014

Recent Purchases: Skincare, Beauty Box, Clothes, etc...

I bought a few things this week so I thought I would share them with you. I didn't buy much so it's not really a "haul", but here are my most recent purchases.

Firstly, clothes...

I received an email from Tesco advising me they had a Florence and Fred online sale. Now I'm sure you all already know that F&F are the clothing brand for Tesco. Our local Tesco is very small and their range of clothing is pretty poor so I have never bought any of their clothes. Anyway, I took a look online and saw quite a few things I liked, so placed an order. I got them delivered to my local store the next day. Unfortunately, I returned most of the items because they didn't suit, but I did keep the items above (plus a couple of tops for my sons). The Twist Yarn Jumper was reduced to just £9 which I thought was a good price. Although the website states it is green, I'd say it is more of a turquoise colour. It is a cotton mix and very soft. I think I shall get a lot of wear out of it this Spring. The other item I kept was an Embroidered Skirt. I thought for £12 it was an absolute bargain. It is white with a black embroidered detail and a scalloped hem. I think this will be a skirt I wear time and time again over the summer. It is an A line shape, which seems to suit my pear shaped figure. I think this comes up on the large size because I fit in a size 10 which I definitely am not, although I do have a smallish waist I suppose. Apologies that it is so creased in the picture, I really should have ironed it but because I will be putting it away until the warmer weather, there seemed little point!

Next up, beauty items...

One of my biggest downfalls, regarding spending, is reading other beauty blogs and their recommendations. I was reading ReallyRee's blog at the end of last month and she did a glowing review for This Works In Transit No Traces cleansing pads. I try not to use cleansing wipes very often on my face but there are occasions when I use them such as when I am ill, a very late night or on the VERY rare occasion that I really cannot be bothered! Previously I used Boots wipes or (cover your eyes please...) baby wipes. Argh, yes I know, slapped wrist.  Anyway, at the time of reading Really Ree's blog post, I saw that Beauty Bay had a 15% off sale, making the This Works Cleansing Pads just £12.86 instead of £15.13. I also popped a Head Jog Paddle Brush into my basket. I really liked the ladybird design but I felt I was 35 years too old for that, so opted for purple instead! I've not used the cleansing pads yet, but shall report back when I do, but I love my new paddle brush.
Last week, I also subscribed to my first ever You Beauty Discovery Box. Now I have contemplated subscribing to a beauty box for some time, but I have always been put off by not knowing what I'd be receiving. Some people love the element of surprise, but not me. I like the idea of the You Beauty box because you select 2 items that you wish to receive and then you also get a few extras too. At £6.95 per month I also think it is a great price and you  are not tied into a subscription so can cancel at any time. For the March box I chose a Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter which usually has a RRP of £12 and this came with a muslin cloth. I've not used this before but my Mum raves about it so I'm looking forward to trying it. The other item I chose was the Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm which retails around £11. So for £6.95 I received £23 worth of products plus some "extras" - tweezers which I love as they are vintage looking, plus some organic tea bags. Will have to research if they are caffeine free because I don't have caffeine any more. I am really pleased with my first box and I hope the choices next month are just as good.
This week, I also purchased a Revitalash and Revitabrow Advanced kit (not pictured) from QVC and have written a separate post on them here.

Finally, a few items for the home...

I have been after somewhere to store my eye shadow palettes for some time.  I have been storing them in my Muji drawers but I found that, because they weren't right to hand, I tended to use the same palette day in, day out. I didn't want to pile them on top of each other so when I saw this Acrylic Letter Holder for just £6.99 I thought it was ideal. I measured it and it fitted perfectly on top of my Muji drawers. I don't have many palettes so this is just the right size and now they are all to hand, I am finding I am using a different one each time.
Lastly, one of my guilty pleasures - scented candles. I wasn't intending on buying a candle but on the last day of February I realised I had £8 worth of Tesco Clubcard vouchers that were due to expire that day so I needed to spend them and spend them quickly! I didn't fancy driving to my nearest Tesco so took a look online at Tesco Direct and found this lovely Yankee Candle Medium in White Linen and Lace for £9 which I had delivered to store the next day. It has a lovely clean, crisp fragrance, although I've yet to light it.

Do you like scented candles? Which is your favourite brand and fragrance?

Thanks for reading.
Enjoy the rest of your day.
Take care,
CJ xx

**all items were purchased with my own money and any clickable links are not affiliate links so I do not receive any rewards should you click on them. 

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