Thursday, 20 March 2014

Hula Hooping!

If you've read any of my previous blog posts, you will be aware that I am currently embarking on a weight loss plan and have lost 23 lbs this year. So far, this weight loss is through dieting alone, The Harcombe Diet, and I have done no exercise. I have never really been into exercise and sport. I was always chosen last for the team in PE at school, so cruel, please tell me they don't still do that?!  About ten years ago I did sign up to the local gym and I was so dedicated to becoming fit that I went 3 or 4 times a week, doing both cardio and weights. It wasn't something I enjoyed but I endured it because I wanted results. However, after a year, I gave up because my body did not change at all and I became disillusioned. Since then, exercise has been sporadic - walking mainly, Wii Fit and I tried the 30 Day Shred (although it was a 3 day shred before I gave up on that!!). As you can see, I'm never going to be a gym bunny.

Now I am losing weight, I do need and want to tone up. I decided to give hula hooping a try. I have very fond memories as a little girl playing with my little hula hoop. Anyway, these days it's not a green plastic hoop but a big weighted hoop. I purchased the Pro Fitness Hula Hoop from Argos for £14.99.

It comes in a small box, unassembled. It is very easy to put together, slotting each piece into each other. Once assembled I was surprised how large it was and it was heavier than I expected. It weighs 1.36kg. One disadvantage is that, once assembled, it appears it will be quite a hassle to take to pieces again for storage so you will need somewhere to store it complete.

Well I am way out of practice and on my first attempt I managed 5 hoops before it fell to the ground. I think it will take me quite a while to manage any more in one go! At the moment I am doing 50 hoops which doesn't take too long, but still in sets of 5 hoops before it drops.  I am hoping I can build it up to more and whittle down my waist. Although the hoop is covered in a foam type covering I do still have quite a few bruises, mainly on my hip bone but I am hoping it will get easier. 

When I was in my late teens, early twenties, pre children, my waist measured 22.5 - 23 inches. It is currently 28.5 inches. I know I will never get it back to my pre children size, but iI can whittle off a couple more inches then I shall be happy. Watch this space...

Have you ever tried hula hooping with a weighted hoop? How did you get on? Did you bruise too?

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CJ xx

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