Sunday, 30 March 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Today it is Mothering Sunday here in the UK, or Mother's Day as it is now more commonly known. I decided to dedicate this blog post to my lovely Mum, Joyce. It is only since I have got older that I have come to realise what a wonderful woman she is. She always puts others before herself, even though she is going through a particularly hard time herself at the moment. I think I have finally convinced her that she can say "no" to people because she can't do it all. The photo above was taken almost 44 years ago and I think she looks really pretty in it and happy. The very chubby baby in her arms is me! 

This year I have not been able to see her today so I sent her a little gift in the post. I chose it because it was light to post and she will get her proper present when I next see her. It will be beauty related I think!
Here is the little gift I sent her.

It is a little fabric shopper bag that has been personalised especially for her. 

There are 9 words for you to chose to personalise it, plus the larger word in the centre of the bag. I wanted to post about this earlier in the week, but the company were no longer guaranteeing delivery in time for Mother's Day so I decided against it because I didn't want anyone to be disappointed if it didn't arrive in time. I purchased it from a company called Your Design. I ordered on the Saturday evening and it arrived on Tuesday morning so I was very impressed with the fast delivery considering how busy they must be at this time of year. I had not seen this site before but they have lots of different things for personalisation so I am certain I will be back. I managed to get this at a great price with a code (sadly no longer valid) but if I hadn't had the code, I would probably have paid just £1 more and bought the jute bag instead because I think that would be harder wearing.

To all the mums out there, have a wonderful Mother's Day. 
To all those who no longer have their Mums, I hope today isn't too hard for you and to all those who are trying to become mums themselves, I hope your greatest wish comes true.

Thanks for reading.
Take care,
CJ xx

*I bought this bag with my own money and I have no affiliation with the website.

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