Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Review & Swatches: New CID Lip and Cheek Tints

This months Cosmopolitan has a great freebie from the brand New CID. I've not tried anything from this brand before so decided to buy all 3 shades to try. (I gave the mascara a miss because I have lots of others on my stash).

The 3 shades are (from left to right): Strawberry Soufflé, Rose Tint and Plum Cordial.

Here they are blended:

I think they need blending a tad more, but I ran out of hand! I would say less is definitely more if using these as a cheek tint!

Strawberry Soufflé is a red colour. I never wear red lip colour because I don't think it really suits me, but I thought for £3.70 it was worth a try. 
Here it is applied to my lips:

Rose Tint is the most natural colour of the three. It is a pinky, coral colour and I do like it.

Finally, is the shade Plum Cordial which is quite a vibrant pink.

This is the shade I decided to try out for longevity and give a full review. Above is a photo of it first applied.

This is after 4 hours, I had a couple of drinks and a snack but not a full meal.

As you can see, it has faded a little in the middle of the lips but I think it held up pretty well.

This is after 11 hours, 2 meals, several drinks and no touch ups:

There isn't much left and my bottom lip looks pretty dry but there is some staining left on my lips. However, my lips weren't dry the next day but perhaps when I use these tints for any length of time I shall apply a little balm over the top.

I used the Rose Tint shade for a blush but the camera couldn't pick up the colour, hence no photo. I was impressed with how long the colour lasted on the cheeks, though.

The lip and cheek tints come in a crayon formula and they do smell and taste quite waxy. The smell reminds me of how cosmetics smelled years ago but I don't find it unpleasant.
You don't need to sharpen these crayons because the bottom of the crayon twists to push up more lip product when needed.

Overall I am pleased with these lip and cheek tints and I am looking forward to trying the other 2 colours on my cheeks. I have not been able to find them online to suggest a RRP but at £3.70 with the magazine I think they are well worth the money. I think the 3 shades are all very different too. Grab them whilst you can!

Have you tried these tints? Did you like them?
Thanks for reading.
Enjoy the rest of your day.
Take care,
CJ xx


  1. I think I'm going to have to get one of these - probably to use more as a cheek tint - can't decide which colour though - they all look good! x

    1. Thanks for commenting Jenny. I've been using the Rose Tint as a blush the last few days and I'm really happy with it because it looks very natural. I'm a redhead so I'm wary of using the other colours on my cheeks because I am so pale but will try them soon. At £3.70 it's worth a punt. Take care CJ xx


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