Saturday, 9 August 2014

Recipe Challenge: Hit 'N' Run Traybaked Chicken

The recipe I chose for Week 2 of my recipe challenge was from Save With Jamie by Jamie Oliver. The recipe I chose was Hit 'N' Run Traybaked Chicken.

It is a very quick and easy recipe. You basically cut all the vegetables into large wedges, add unpeeled garlic cloves, sprinkle over the herbs and spices, drizzle with oil and balsamic vinegar, toss and ensure the chicken thighs are placed on top for roasting. Cooks in about an hour, and baste occasionally.

Here is Jamie's photo:

And here is my version:

Would I cook it again? Unlikely. We have given this 2 out of 4 "thumbs up".
All four of us gave this a neutral halfway thumb! (Each recipe scores 1 point for a thumbs up, 0.5 for a halfway and 0 for a thumbs down!). None of us hated it but nobody loved it either. If I had this served to me, I would eat it, but I wouldn't go out of my way to cook it again because, in my opinion, there are much nicer recipes out there. Sorry Jamie!

We served this with crusty Tiger bread which was the best bit! Sadly not homemade!

I won't post the recipe here for copyright reasons, but you can find it on Page 100 of the Save With Jamie recipe book or online here.

Have you cooked anything new this week? Although this recipe wasn't a hit with my family, I am enjoying trying something new. What to cook next week...?

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