Friday, 28 February 2014

Breakouts!! Will I ever learn??!

Well after saying just last week how great my skin looks since cutting out sugar from my diet, my comment has come back to bite me on the bum!
Being in my 40's, I thought spots would be a thing of the last by now but alas not.
This week I have several spots on my chin and around my nose, one even on the end - oh joy!
The culprit? 
No, I am still eating well, the Harcombe way with no sugar.
So it has to be something in my skincare routine. Now here is where I am so mad at myself. I bought some new products a few weeks ago - cleanser, hydrating toner, serum and moisturiser.  
Now the sensible person would add these items to their routine ONE at a time but no, not me!  Like a bull in a china shop I went rushing in and starting using them all at the same time because I was so desperate to try them all.
For a week and a half all was well, no problems or allergic reactions.  
Well it was until this week, when the aforementioned breakouts occurred.
So now I have had to pare my skin care right back to basics with some old faithfuls - unscented cleanser, exfoliating toner, eye cream and moisturiser. No lovely serums, sigh.
Thankfully my skin is looking lots better already, although it does feel a little dry.
I now have the laborious task of reintroducing the new products ONE at a time so that I can find the culprit that caused my spots. (Please don't let it be the cleanser!)
Are you all sensible and gradually introduce products? Or do you take the try them all at the same time approach like me?
Believe me, it is a lesson learned, well until next time...

Enjoy the rest of your day.
Take care,
CJ xx

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